Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Seriously, I'm really really really LAZY to update my blog.
So I will just ignore all the previous post.
So sorry.
I am having my holidays until end of this month.
I was just too busy with my AS exam last few weeks.
But thanks god, everything goes smooth and nice.
Deeply wish I could score the good result.
Next, I was busy to start of my online business.
My friend and I were corporate to build up this online blogshop.
It was really tiring when we need to go so far to choose and purchase all the goodies.
The business also growing quite well now.
We having a great sales now.
And for you, all my blog readers, you will be giving another additional 5% discount ^^
Sound greats right ?
Here to have a look, FAME.OF.COTTON
Besides that, I was busy hang out with friendsss.
You know, I did had a lot a lot a lot of friendsss... HAHA XD
I've been stick to my dear the most.
Not only that, family outing was another reason to make me so busy.
We went to Pulau Ketam , and that was the very first time I went there.
For more information, check out my sis - Nicole's blog
We kept went out for FOOD !!!
Seafood, Korean food, Indian food and so on.
Hmm, I had gained a lot I guess.
But so what,,, this is what we called life.

Oh ya, greatly thanks to my lovely friend - HUISHIN
She helped me to book the air-asia tickets with a lowest price.
Thank you so much.
I had successful booked the tickets to flight to LANGKAWI with my dear.
I'm so so so happy and excited.
But.... It's on next year. Sigh.
Nevermind, just wait for it and it is worth to wait.
Time will goes really fast ^^

Did I mention I bang my car ?
I bang a VIOS somemore.
Luckily, the driver was a lady.
She was just so kind.
When I apologize with her, guess what she said ?
' Nevermind, accident will happen '
Ya... I totally agree.
Accident will just happen without your notice.
Sometimes it could just be a small case but comes with the big problems.
Get what I means ?
Sigh, my dad need to pay RM 2k to repair my car and RM 200 to pay the lady.
Felt so guitly and sorry.

Forget about that, as shopping will cure everything.
I had went for shopping with my dear in sunway pyramid.
That's is the best moment for me when spent money to get something you like.
Haha XD

So next,
I am arranging the free day, and wait to go for a spa treament and massage with my mum.
I am waiting to genting for fun with a big gang of friends.
I am saving money now and waiting to shop again from morning till night.
I am planning where to celebrate on this Christmas Eve.

When I said BIG BIRTHDAY PARTY, I means really BIG ^^
Do give some comment okay ?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Back

Finally I'm back to blog
Let's update all my post one by one
Be patient k ? ^^ :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Exam Exam Exam

It's just a short update
For your information,
My exam is start on 12th October
Argh, not even one month left

It seems no hope in my A-Levels
I'm so nervous now !!!

Yeah, I should cheer up and study hard
Someone told me about it
Hmm... I Love My Dear !!!
But for now, LOVE have to put aside first

Wish me good luck and all the best !!!


Thursday, September 10, 2009


A Memorable Day
Celebrated 12th Year Friendship Anniversary
With my beloved - Mingke & TunSean

Had our dinner at MED Restaurant ^^
Enjoyed with them

Food that we ordered
Look delicious and nice right ?

Created by mingke.

Look at mingke, so cute ^^

Tun Sean
He became more and more Ah Pek there

That's me
Captured by mingke.

I look so drunk ???


Time passed really fast
We knew each other since standard 1 until now
We been so closed together for the past few years
We work together
We sleep together
We play together
We shop together
We travel together
And many many more...

You're my best friend forever and ever
I Love You !!!

For more pictures,
please check it out at my facebook album

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Exam is coming nearer and nearer
I am still not well prepared
Gonna stop from blogging for a while


I really need to rush up for the subjects

There is ' NO FAILURE ' in my life

Work Hard ANGEL !

I may SUCCESS one day

Monday, September 7, 2009

Full Day = Food Day

6th September 09

Wonder what my title FULL DAY is about ?
Hmm.. Is actually Full Day with

Woke up at around 12 afternoon
Get prepared and start our FOOD JOURNEY

First, we went to subang to have some dessert at
Ordered 5 different flavour for 7 of us
Enjoyed it so much with my families and dear

After that, my lil bro followed dad to somewhere else
Left 4 of us with dear
We headed to Sunway Pyramid
Get to watch the ASTRO BATTLE GROUND
It was so crowded and packed and even hot
But everyone seems like enjoyed watching it

As I reached there, I heard the DJ calling ' Nic '
It sounds like someone I knew
And yet, I saw it !
Which was my current reggae instructor
He been asked to do a sexy dance
Surprise Surprise Surprise

Then, went to have this


Located at the Asian Avenue of Sunway Pyramid
It was a special fries mix with different kind of sauces
You can choose any flavour you want
We also tried on the seafood spaghetti &
Half dozen of gratinated shellfishes- mussels
The food was great enough !

Guess what ?
After this we headed to NiuZeXiu, Ara Damansara
Bring them to Full House Cafe there
It was so weird, all the shops there was closed
And it was SUNDAY !

We order a lot of foods and eat again
Although all of us were so full
Met crystal & viinc there too
Let's pictures do talking

look at my cute dear ^^

mummy enjoyed the cookiesmy lovely mummy
For more pictures, check it out at my FACEBOOK



Friday, September 4, 2009


Finally I done with my previous post update
Yea, I know
There was another post not be updated yet
So sorry guys
There was damn lot of pictures
I mess up all and it take times for me to arrange it
I will update once I free ok ? Promise.

I'm BACK to blog
Miss my blog so much
I had my 2 weeks semester break since last week
Left 2 more days for me and I have to back to college life
I know. I know.
AS exam is around the corner
I got to put more effort and study hard for it
Stop from any other attraction and only focus on

That's all for it first.
I will back to update my blog everyday again.
Enjoy my blog.